Your Life Your Health – Improve Your Fitness with Gym Equipment


Your life is very important. God has created you with a special purpose. He is the master of your life because he has created you. You know a man’s life is precious because man is made in the image and likeness of God Himself. God has placed man above all other creatures in this world. Only man is intelligent, who can think and reason out. A beautiful painting cannot thank the painter who has created it, but man, the most beautiful creation of God, has a wonderful mind which can think and understand the creator. He can thank his creator. Since man’s life is such a beautiful gift from God, man must value it and prove himself worthy of His great name.

We must look after ourselves well to accomplish God’s design for us. We should keep our body fit and trim, we should take care of our health. It is very important because health is wealth and a great blessing. Without health, nothing is possible. If we neglect to look after our health, both our mind and body will suffer. Without health, life is not life. It is a burden. You have no right to neglect it and thus become a burden to yourself and perhaps to others. Be systematic in everything. Health is very important and necessary to fulfil all your duties as well as to enjoy all the pleasures of life.

Health is greater than wealth. Health once shattered cannot be regained easily. For your mind to act freely and intelligently, your body must remain in perfect order. Physical exercise with fitness equipment is important to keep the body functions running smooth. Unless you are bodily fit, you cannot be mentally competent. Intellectual or mental power as well as manpower areequally important for the progress and development of a nation. Manpower not only means the number of hands but also powerful hands that can venture any task, challenge and odds. The country needs tough, trained, disciplined, brave, noble-minded, intelligent, powerful and patriotic citizens. This is only possible when men and women have the necessary physical fitness with exercise equipment like kettlebell, exercise bikes, cross trainer, rowing machine etc., and right mental make-up.

When you exercise, the intake of oxygen is in abundance which promotes mental skills and physical well-being. It keeps digestion in perfect order and there is a lot of stamina and vitality. People who exercise are far more disciplined, cheerful, optimistic, cooperative and accommodating. Physical exercise with gym equipment also provides an outlet for the surplus energy, feelings of anger etc

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