10 Benefits Of Using Power Vibration Plates

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You may not be familiar with vibration plates which are also referred to as power vibration plates but it won’t be long before they’re as familiar as rowing machines. They represent the very latest developments in fitness equipment and you can now buy them from all the best sports equipment suppliers so all the benefits of state of the art technology are available for your home gym. Vibration power plates may be new to the home gym market but they come with an impressive pedigree.

Nasa astronauts nowadays make use of vibration plates in their training. They’re already fit people to start with of course but they need to get even fitter. They need to improve flexibility and strength in their bodies and it’s been found that power plates are an ideal way of achieving this. This works because vibration power plates help to develop muscles and enhance co-ordination. Superb co-ordination is an essential quality in anyone who aspires to be an astronaut and we lesser mortals find it very useful too.

So there’s four benefits of using a power vibration plate. You get better bodily flexibility and increased strength. You develop all your muscles and your co-ordination gets better. That’s not a bad start but it doesn’t end there.

Whatever level of fitness you start from. You’ll get the benefits of developing muscle power, stimulating the metabolism, thereby losing some weight, and just improving your overall health and fitness. Moreover you’ll maintain the improvements. That’s eight benefits from using power vibration plates so far, and you’re not even aiming to be an astronaut. Or maybe you are, one shouldn’t make such assumptions!

The benefits don’t end there, there’s more to come. Power plates are a great help in improving the circulation of blood which is good for anyone. Ladies in particular; many of you often feel stressed about the presence cellulite in certain areas. You can gain two benefits at once! The aforementioned improvement in circulation will help you to get rid of the cellulite and regular use of a power vibration plate has proved to be a great reducer of stress levels generally. That’s another three benefits making eleven so far though some may argue that one or two are really being quoted twice.

That being the case let’s keep on looking at the benefits of using vibration power plates. One such benefit is time. You’ll find that by using power vibration plates your total time spent on training can be reduced without losing any of the benefits. Another is effort saved. The effort needed to use power plates is quite a bit less than that required for other forms of training. Then there’s osteoporosis in later life which can afflict anyone. Regular use of one of these amazing pieces of kit should help to considerably reduce the likelihood of this most debilitating condition developing. It does so by encouraging the build up of mineral density in the bones.

As if that wasn’t enough, the use of a power vibration plate can help prevent you developing varicose veins in your limbs. On top of all that you’ll find that, not only are you not likely to sustain injuries from their use, but with their correct use, recovery from injuries sustained elsewhere is much quicker than would otherwise be the case.

When you think about it that also suggests that if you suffer from some old injury or disability that makes it difficult or even impossible to use other types of gym equipment, power vibration plates may be just what you need. It’s worth arty anyway.

Vibration plates are ideally suited for use in a home gym because they take up very little space. All you need is room for the base that you stand on with its upright column and hand grips so you don’t need much floor space.

If you’re equipping your home gym from scratch you may find that if you make a power vibration plate the first piece of equipment you install you won’t need anything else so yet another benefit may well be a considerable saving in expense.

That won’t be right for everyone of course. It depends on what your targets are and what the purpose of your training might be, but in any case it’ll get you off to a great start.

The trouble with trying to set out a given number of benefits to be gained from using these machines is that the more you look into it, the more benefits keep popping up. Vibration power plates haven’t been around all that long and there’s little doubt that as time goes by and more and more of them are in use ever more benefits will become apparent.

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Fitness Equipment at Home Beats Fitness Exercise in the Gym

I prefer fitness exercise at home compared to the gym. Fitness equipment that can be stored and used as and when I like, exercise equipment that doe not care if I have a stain on my top or what the latest must have gym accessory is.

The gym may have the latest awe-inspiring fitness equipment that you could only dream of owning which could be quite inspiring to help motivate the fitness exercise routine. This may also add a bit of glamour and disassociation from the exercise equipment and calorie burning. The actual act of going to the gym may also have some preconceived fitness exercise motivational factors including the choice of fitness equipment to use. You can try different exercise equipment machines to add variety to your fitness exercise routine.

The gym and its exercise equipment do have some major appeal points but the time it takes getting ready and travelling to the gym is the time it would take to put on my fitness equipment glad rags, complete my fitness exercise routine and be having a shower thinking about the rest of the day ahead. You still need fitness exercise motivation, and maybe more discipline at home but after a short while the exercise equipment and fitness exercise become a natural positive part of your everyday life. Even the site of the fitness equipment becomes a conditioned response to the positive well-being.

Everybody has his or her own personality, lifestyle and fitness equipment needs. We also have different fitness exercise variations and goals. Some people prefer the gym whilst others prefer home exercise equipment use. There is no right way for everyone. Some people need special assistance and fitness exercise help with the fitness equipment whilst others are competent finding their own training resources and know the exercise equipment needed. Some people do not have much of a problem with fitness exercise motivation whilst other’s need more support. Some people feel the need to use the top end fitness equipment in the gym whilst others can find the motivation in the actual fitness exercise routine.

In an ideal world we would purchase the top end high-tech Gym exercise equipment for home use (might have to remortgage the house to buy it) and invite our friends around for a fitness exercise party! In reality, we either go to the gym or invest in the best high-tech fitness equipment that we can possibly afford. FitEquipment.co.uk can help you in your Fitness Equipment choice but if you are unsure of your fitness exercise capabilities, please see your GP/qualified fitness trainer. Compare prices on home Fitness Equipment, Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Exercise Bikes, Cross Trainers, Weights, Gym Equipment and much more.

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Calories Just Vibrate Them Away! The latest major development in gym equipment, Power Vibration Plat

Did you know you can help to get rid of calories by simply vibrating them away? No? Well then you’ve probably not yet come across the latest major development in gym equipment, Power Vibration Plates which are also referred to by several other names as well, such as power plates or vibration plates. It’s probably because they are still relatively new on the gym scene that they haven’t yet settled on one definitive name.

All the best sports equipment suppliers have them now so you can enjoy all the benefits of state of the art technology in your home gym. Vibration plates are ideal for the home gym because they are so simple to use and do so much for you.

NASA make use of vibration plates in the training of astronauts these days. Those guys are already extremely fit anyway of course but they are always striving to get even fitter. Vibration plates have proved to be a great way to improve flexibility and strength in the body and that’s just what the astronauts want, indeed who doesn’t. Power plates are also good for developing your muscles and improving co-ordination.

All this developing of muscle power naturally stimulates the metabolism. That means you burn off far more calories than you would otherwise and lose weight whilst at the same time enhancing your overall health and fitness levels. Not only that if you keep using your power plate you’ll maintain the improvements you’ve made.

So you see there’s more benefits to be gained from using a vibration plate than simply losing weight even if that starts off as your main aim. While you’re losing the excess weight you’re gaining in other ways. Your bodily flexibility will improve and you’ll find you have more strength generally than you had. That’s because you’re quietly developing all your muscles at the same time and all for much less effort than you’d have to put in using any other method.

Using vibration plates brings other benefits too. They can even help you get rid of cellulite which many ladies in particular will appreciate. That’s because using your vibration plate helps to boost your blood circulation which has been found to discourage the formation of cellulite.

Anything which improves the circulation is good news in lots of ways and will benefit anyone whatever their state of health. For example, as well as helping to banish cellulite, the deposition of minerals in your bones is encouraged thereby reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis developing in later life. That in turn may well help you to remain fully active to a much greater age than might otherwise be the case. Using a vibration power plate is good for preventing varicose veins from developing in your limbs which is something else we all want to avoid.

You only wanted to burn off calories to lose weight and now look at you. Your vibration plate is doing so much more for you than just shedding a few pounds, or rather it will be once you start using it! You’ll feel like a new person and wonder why you didn’t do something about your state of fitness sooner. Maybe that’s because you hadn’t found out about these brilliant machines.

Maybe also it’s because you found it difficult to find the time to go to a gym and work out or maybe the idea of working out in such a public arena didn’t appeal. Gyms can be very expensive too.

If you get yourself a power plate you’ll find the amount of time you have to devote to using it compared to other methods of exercise is considerably less for comparable results. That’s in addition to needing less effort. Using your own machine in privacy at home avoids the regular trek to and from a gym which represents another useful saving in time.

In case you’re concerned about injuring yourself whilst exercising it’s worth mentioning that the risk of injury from using one of these machines is far less than from any other form of training. Not only that but any injuries you sustain elsewhere do tend to recover more quickly when you use a vibration power plate sensibly.

People with disabilities of various kinds who find it impossible to use more traditional types of exercise equipment often discover that they can use a power plate because of the way it works. They really are amazingly versatile.

Power plates don’t need much room. They only need enough floor space for the base, which isn’t very big. That makes them perfect for use at home. So just eat a sensible diet and vibrate away all those extra calories that have crept up on you, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Priory Sports is a leading UK fitness retailer and stockist of Horizon Power Vibration Plates, Rowing Machines, Cross Trainers, Multi Gyms and other fitness equipment. Priory Sports source the most up to date equipment from leading manufacturers at the very best prices. Visit www.priorysports.co.uk now!

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