Home Gym Equipment – What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Because strength training is an important part of a workout, many people consider purchasing home gym equipment to meet their goals. Strength training uses resistance to build muscle strength and mass. Additional benefits include ligament and tendon strength, increased joint function, improved bone density, enhanced cardio function and an overall well being.

Home gym equipment can make it easier and more convenient for people to realize these benefits. Before making a purchase, however, you should consider the following:

Available space. How much space is available in your home that you can easily devote to a home gym? It’s important to actually measure the space. What may seem like a large area visually can actually get swallowed up once the equipment is installed. You may find you can’t maneuver around the equipment of use the space for other purposes.

If you space is limited, you should consider home gym equipment that prioritizes space efficiency. Many equipment models are manufactured with space constraints in mind. For example, some designs enable equipment to fold easily for storage when not being used.

Conduct the necessary research. As you can imagine, tons of models and options are available in home gym equipment. Therefore, you must do your homework to narrow your choices. Online resources make it easy to read reviews by professional trainers as well as consumers.

It’s also a good idea to visit a retail location and talk directly to fitness retailers. They’re well versed in the latest models and can help you define the pros and cons of various models. You’ll also be able to test equipment and see how different options stack up.

Feature evaluation. Many models of home gym equipment provide tons of features for dozens of different exercises. The important lesson here is to not get persuaded to buy more than you need. Think carefully of your fitness goals and what it will take to accomplish them.

Although a bunch of features may be nice, you really want to focus on the features you’ll actually use. It doesn’t make sense to pay for features and capabilities you’re unlikely to ever use in your workout regimen.

Construction. Just as you’ll find all different types of home gym equipment, you’ll find each model constructed differently. For example, materials will vary from model to model. Therefore, you want to focus on sturdy construction and buy the highest quality equipment your budget will allow.

One sign of good quality is heavy-gauge steel and welded joints. In addition, quality pads and adjustable seats contribute to overall value, as do stability and ease of use.

Types of Home Gym Equipment

Home gym equipment comes in two basic types: free weights and machine home gyms.

Free Weight Home Gyms. This type of home gym consists of traditional free weights, a barbell and a bench. The barbell holds weights on each end and is used for two-handed exercises. You can use the bench to lift weights sitting up or lying down. The bench incorporates a rack to rest the barbell.

Free weights also include dumbbells. These weights are on short bars and are used for single-handed exercises.

Machine Home Gyms. This type of equipment involves a steel structure incorporating a variety of equipment. Typical equipment in a machine home gym includes benches, chest press, weight stack, lat pull down, low or straight back row, leg extension, leg curl and four- or six-roll leg developer.

Home exercise equipment comes in a wide variety of models with all types of features. Before making your purchase, you need to decide on your fitness goals. Then, determine the exercises that can accomplish your goals in the most effective and safe manner. Also focus on the types of exercises you will enjoy doing the most.

Once you identify these things, you can compare home gym equipment that best matches your requirements. With these options in hand, you can narrow your choices based on quality and price.

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