Look and Feel Great: A Little Green Tea Powder Offers Huge Benefits

Green tea has been promoted as a healthy natural product for centuries. The naturally-grown tea originated in China, and today has been shown to increase metabolism for those that want to lose weight. It has also been touted for offering antioxidant power to aid in the prevention of diseases related to aging. Drinking it regularly is recommended by many health experts who claim the benefits include increased energy levels and cleanse the skin from the inside out for better skin appearance over time.

Green tea powder takes the health benefits a step further. The powder allows the ingestion of entire leaf instead of just drinking the water which has been filtered through the leaves. The advantage of the powdered green tea leaves is that you can add it directly to your food and beverages for intensified benefits. For instance, Matcha green tea latte and smoothie beverages can be made with a mere 1/2 teaspoon of the powder a day for more energy and fat-loss advantages than just drinking the tea. It can also be added to muffins and mixed in with other foods that you consume daily to help boost your metabolism and protect your whole body from negative effects of the environment.

It isn’t often that one can get so many benefits from a single source. The Matcha green tea not only increases metabolism, but also reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, and reduces bloating, which in turn increases the ability of your body to burn calories more effectively. The amino acid L-Theanine helps reduce levels of stress and helps the mind and body relax more easily. It almost contradicts itself as it relaxes the body, but also adds a mild energy boost to allow you to carry out your daily activities without jitters. Those with skin and hair problems will notice improved silkiness of hair and clarity of skin with regular use of the green tea powder.

It comes as close to a miracle recipe for the entire body’s health as one could expect, according to reviews of those that have consumed it regularly. One advantage that many people have claimed is that one small measurement of the powder is equal to 10 cups of green tea. It is a little more expensive than ordinary green tea, but the benefits are magnified many times over and could be a less intensive way of receiving the assets associated with it.