The Many Usages for Oil Extracted from the Tea Tree

Every so often, a product comes along that is seemingly good for almost everything. Unfortunately, some companies advertise certain products as being a solution for a number of different issues. The problem with this is that after some initial excitement, there tends to be a great deal of disappointment with the product because it doesn’t work as advertised. However, tea tree oil is one of those products that will surprise you with its many uses, and it will likely continue to surprise you for many years to come.

There a number of different benefits that this type of oil provides. For example, it can be used for the treatment of infections, as treatment for dandruff and it can even be used as a treatment for ringworm. These things alone may make it a very multipurpose product, that you may want to consider using. However, the benefits of this tree oil doesn’t end there. This particular oil can help treat acne, toenail fungus, head lice, skin tags and it is even effective for treating cold sores.

While the medicinal purposes of oil extracted from the tea tree are plentiful, this isn’t the only usages for this oil. For example, this particular oil tends to smell quite pleasant, and it has been used effectively in aromatherapy. In fact, research suggests that breathing in this particular oil, especially when vaporized, can greatly reduce overall stress levels. In addition to aromatherapy, it’s a very effective product to use for household cleaning. It can be a powerful disinfectant, it’s safe for children and pets and it can take the place of harsh and, sometimes dangerous, cleaning chemicals.

With so much that this tree oil can do, it’s worth investigating. Whether you’re looking for treatments for everything from the common cold to a yeast infection, or you’re looking to relieve some stress or find a safer household cleaner, tree oil from the tea tree might be something that you’ve been looking for. While not every product can live up to its hype, this particular oil has proven to be as advertised, and perhaps a bit more, for hundreds of years.