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Music imbeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories. If you’re interested in music appreciation, artists and performers, then you are on the right spot we will introduce you to the Wild World Web of music.

Our independent music network provides you Indie Music Online. The word independent is abbreviated as indie. We are Indie Music-oriented content and information website that provides entertainment in the form of online music streaming to music listeners and service to Indie music artist and record companies on behalf of the artists to post information regarding themselves as well as musical content owned and/or created by them.

We have all genres be it Rock / Alternative / Progressive, Pop / Reggae Rock, Rock / Metal, Electro / Ambient, Hip Rock/ Pop / R&B / Soul, the list is endless. Our goal is to find undiscovered musical talent and bring them to our million�s of web visitor’s attention. We have Streaming Radio Station in the form of Upstream Radio to play for our talented artists. Listeners may upload the Upstream Radio Player Software into the temporary storage of their computer and enjoy our Indie Music Radio.

If you are a music listener all you need to do is get registered and you could,
* Create, Edit and Update your own profile.
* Get in touch with your network of music loving friends.
* Discover new music and Indie music artists.
* Keep track of your favorite artists.
* Find shows near you and get event tickets online.
* Find music through your friends.
* Upload picture albums, sign into chat rooms and even write your own blogs.

If you are an Indie music artist, then get your profile started by registering & you could,
* Post songs, shows, photos, blogs and more.
* Communicate with your fans/listeners.
* Get noticed by industry professionals.
* Meet other artists to tour/play with.

Showcase your taste and help our Indie music station Upstream Radio rocking the best music by rating every band profile you come across it helps you too cause if you don�t like them, they won�t bother you again and in case you do like them and others in our network share your sentiments, we�ll spin them more frequently.

We specialize in the unheard, providing a stage for Indie musicians to scream through their chosen art form and revive Rock N Roll again. You may be of all ages and tastes, get ready for a richer and more luminous experience. Come be a part of the Indie Music revolution.

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