Recommended Gym Equipment

There are a large selection of varying weight lifting equipment in the market place, with the aim being to aid you in the amount and reps that you’re lifting.

I’ve trained for a number of years, and have tried out a variety of equipment in order to achieve my goals. During this time, I’ve also paid close attention to what others are using as well, and judging their results.

My personal favourite piece of weight lifting equipment has to be dumbbells. With some exercises, you have no choice but to use the barbell, but whenever at all possible, I always revert to the dumbbells. The reason for this is because my right side is my strongest side. Therefore, no matter what weight I’m lifting, whether it is a curl, or a press, I always seem to revert to pushing mostly with my right side. I can try and focus on my left side so as to balance it out, but when I’m really struggling to lift, my right side will take the limelight and outperform my left. For this reason I use dumbbells whenever possible, as it allows me to work both sides individually. I’ll work each side alternatively, one after the other, making sure I’m lifting the same weight, and for the same amount of reps before calling it a day. I find this guarantees I’m working my body as effectively as possible.

My next favourite has to be the bench, as it allows me to do my favourite exercises which are the bench press, and incline bench press. When using the bench, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re warmed up thoroughly. The best way of doing this in my experience is to either perform a number of quick reps with just the bar, or with a light weight, just to get the blood flowing, and your muscles ready for action. It’s never a good idea to jump straight into the weight without a warm up, as this could lead to injury, and the last thing you want to do is drop a weight on yourself when in the bench press position as it could easily cause severe damage, even death.

The power rack is also a firm favourite as it allows me to perform squats, which are truly a vital weight lifting exercise to perform. If you’re not able to do squats because of injury, at least perform leg exercises on the leg press machine, as although in my opinion it’s not a good a workout as squats, at least it’ll have some effect on your legs.

My last firm favourite is the cable machine, as I’m able to perform tricep pull downs and other cable exercises using it. I mainly use it for tricep pull downs, but I like to vary my weight lifting workout every now and then, so will often find myself doing similar exercises on it that I would normally perform with dumbbells, for example curls, and extensions.

These are my favourite pieces of gym equipment, and I strongly advise you to get involved with them if you’re not already, as the exercises you can perform on each are truly the fundamental of any good weight lifting workout plan.

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