Keeping Your Children Active And Fit-These 4 Simple Methods Work Every Time

With so much technology around nowadays between television, computers, games consoles, mobiles phones, etc…there’s great temptation for our children not to be outside, running around, as we did when we were young. While there are lots of children who are involved in some form of sporting activity, there are a large number who part-take in little or no physical exercise.

As parents, it up to us to set the mark for our children and they learn from us, from a young age, whether they will a sedentary or active lifestyle.

1.Set Limits.
It is better to set down the rules for watching television from a young age.

If children are given a free reign they will, no doubt, spend as much time as they like sitting in front of that square box in the corner of the room. If, however, they are taught, from a young age, that being active and fit and healthy is fun and enjoyable, they will carry this with them into adult life.

The same rules should apply to time spent on the computer and game consoles. It’s just a matter of habit. If you’re used to being active, you take it as being the norm.

2.Encourage Your Child To Try New Things

Children can become bore quite easily and when this happens they may end up heading for the old faithfuls i.e. tv, pc, etc… It is imperative, therefore, that we keep them interested in whatever activity they’re involved in.

Trying new things should be encouraged, like having a go at a new sport or joining a dance class or going on a hike in the local mountains.

3.Try to lessen your dependence on your car
Where possible, let your child walk or cycle to and from school, to the local shop for errands and to the park to meet up with friends. When it’s time for birthday parties, have an outdoor theme for the party and avoid trips to the cinema and the mall.
Get them into the habit of taking the stairs and forgetting about the elevator. It’s amazing how quickly they become accustomed to doing these simple things which can really make a big difference to their fitness and health.

4. Rewards
It is important to reward and encourage your children to keep active and healthy. You should also have family days together where you all part-take in a special fun activity, like a trip to a theme park perhaps, where again the emphasis is on being active but also having fun. Never reward your child with some form of sweet treat as they will associate sweet/unhealthy foods with treat-time.

It’s not always easy to keep your children on the straight and narrow,but with a bit of planning and determination you can give them a good grounding for life, that being active is something that will give them a long, happy and fulfilling life.

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