Home Work Out Equipment

Though there are many tips that I can give on what kind of gym equipment to buy from different stores what I would like to focus most on in this article is equipment that can be made from household items.

Due to busy schedules, a lack of motivation, embarrassment or a host of other reasons many people are barely able to make it in to the gym. This means that they will usually leave their work outs to the weekend and even then will only do the bare minimum as they will want to get on with enjoying themselves after a stressful week.

When I started working out seriously I didn’t have the money, at the time, to buy any real equipment. This meant that I had to improvise different methods and means for working out.

Listed below are some of the simpler tools and pieces of equipment you could create for yourself at home so that you’ll have equipment on hand to improvise an effective work out.

1. Weighted Duffle Bag.

When it comes to home implements that are extremely versatile I’d have to say that the weighted duffle bag is my favorite.

By simply taking a normal duffle bag and filling it with heavy books such as phone directories, large novels or any other books you have lying around the house that aren’t being used you can create a wonderful work out tool.

With this weighted bag you can do bicep curls and tricep curls for your arms. Rows for your back. Squats by griping the bag by the handles and lifting it so that it is positioned on your back and holding on to it while you are doing calf raises to increase the weight.

2. Stairs.

The stairs in your house or apartment building are a wonderful substitute for a treadmill, stair master or any other cardiovascular exercise machine found in the gym.

Counting one run up the stairs and one run down the stairs backwards as a repetition if you do 10 sets you are sure to get your heart thumping irrespective of your fitness level.

Thereafter gauging how many sets will tire you out completely will give you a wonderful cardio – work out.

3. Water Buckets.

Filling two buckets with water or even one will give you implements that you can use in the equivalent way you use dumbbells. The difference between these and the duffle bag is that these allow you to do one handed exercises more easily.

4. Improvised Chin Up Bars.

If you can find a ledge in your home that you can grip on to then you can use it as an improvised chin up bar.

In actuality using a ledge will make your arms stronger as it is slightly more awkward to grip than an actual chin up bar which means new muscles in your forearms will be activated.

When considering all of these improvised home work out implements it’s easy to see that with a little imagination you too will be able to create many different tools and pieces of equipment that you can use in your home.

If you’d like to check out a simple effective work out that you can do at home then I’d recommend The 7 Minute Muscle Work Out.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed reading along.