Gym Equipment – Vibration Platform, Vibration Machine, Inversion Table

All of us know well importance of health in our life. Health is our real assets through which one can enjoy the life. If you are suffering from any severe disease than life will be a great misery for you. Sometimes some chronic disease may make your life even worse than a death. Thus to be fit is the God boon and one must obey the nature to preserve the life fitness. One can do traditional exercises at home or can go to gym for systematic exercise training from fitness trainer. If you want time convenience, you can create your own home gym for you. Here it is elaborated the importance of few of the fitness equipments for basic awareness about their functionality and how they can play an important role in your daily exercise routines. Vibration platform are coming in verities, each having specific applications like vibration plates know as therapeutic equipment used in clinical and health institutions, corporate, sporting or fitness groups for therapeutics endeavors. Vibration machine for whole body vibration treating body’s muscular, skeletal, organ, glandular and nervous systems by placing feet or hands or any other body parts in contact with the vibration plate, vibration platform or handlebars. Vibration machine with adjustable speeds also used to burn fat and tones along with tightening the skin. Vibration increases the organ metabolism reshapes the hip, waist and abdomen increasing growth hormones in human. Also decreases cellulite which boosts body’s natural collagen improving the skin texture. This vibration machine is good for female specially those who are face skin conscious.

Inversion table is very good for spine treatment giving back pain relaxation, stretching back and muscles is a good for spine therapy. This is one of the best commercial gym equipment also good as home fitness equipment because long time office work on chair creates tremendous back pain in absence of regular exercise. So to relief the spine by reducing the pressure on your vertebrate and discs and allowing the supporting muscles and ligaments of the spine to relax. Laying down your back on inversion table in inverted position relieves gravitational compression and reduces the stress on your spine and can feel better in severe back pain condition.

Kettlebells also deliver extreme all over fitness. This single fitness equipment gives the result of gym exercises done by barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and cardio equipment. This is good gym equipment for athletic training for boosting muscles and performance. Trampoline is good fitness equipment keeping you fit with fun. Rebounder exercise on trampoline is good aerobic exercise for weight loss, circulating more oxygen throughout your body improves the functionality of your heart, lungs and avoid blood vessels blockage. Few minutes of trampoline exercise is even more fruitful for body than jogging. This fitness equipment is available for both version of home gym and professional gym. Thus it’s a best time for you to get rid of your belly fat, to get stronger, faster and more agile by increasing your fitness levels with these advanced fitness equipments which are evaluated after long experience and hard work of researchers. These home gym or commercial gym equipments are good for common man as well for athletes to build their body and keep yourself healthy.