Classic Rock Performers Who Have Had A Lasting Influence On Music

Classic rock is a fundamental part of American history. Many of today’s leading bands can trace their styles back to the influence of certain musicians. While every song made available to the world has had an impact on the music industry, there are certain performers who will eternally stand at the forefront of music.

From folk rock to psychedelic rock, there have been many groundbreaking sounds and voices. Here are the top ten most influential classic rock bands in history.

Elvis Presley

While Elvis is not traditionally viewed in the classic rock genre, it is impossible to ignore his influence on the world of Rock-n-Roll. As the first to expose mainstream America to something other than traditional family music, he faced a tremendous amount of opposition from the mainstream.

Despite the extreme racism exhibited during the 1950’s, Elvis never hesitated to give appropriate credit to his inspirations. Mainly African-American performers influenced Elvis’ sound and style. Southern radio disc jockeys originally refused to play Elvis’ singles, because they sounded “too Negro” for white stations to air.

It was not just Elvis’ sound, but also his performance, that drew controversy. The movement of his hips in a suggestive manner sparked an entire decade of debate.

Despite the firestorm of criticism that surrounded Elvis’ reign, his continuing popularity has ensured that Elvis’ crown as the King of Rock and Roll would remain valid for decades, even decades after his death.

The Beatles

As the best selling musical act of all-time, it is hard to deny the influence of the Beatles, not only on the musical culture of America, but also on every aspect of human life. The Beatles included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and George Harrison.

Their innovative style defined the music of the 1960’s — twice. They began their career in England, and when they came to America, they were already a huge success in the United States. In their early years, they had defined pop music for a new generation.

As the hippy days of the late 1960’s began to take hold of America’s young people, the Beatles redefined their music again, with another new style of music lauded by the masses. Their very loud stance on drug use and war made them a controversial group, but their popularity never wavered. Although the Beatles retained the loyalty and admiration of their late 1960’s audiences until the group broke up, the touring days of the Beatles ended in 1966 when John Lennon proclaimed, “The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ.”

Bob Dylan

Dylan has one of the most easily recognizable voices in the world. Raspy and full of passion, Bob Dylan’s sound is distinctive. His songs are amazing and defined a generation obsessed with the themes of social unrest, an anti-war stance, and encouragement for the civil rights movement.

A traditional folk singer, Dylan’s works transcended all genres and appealed to countless young Americans. His sincere lyrics spoke to many and made it possible to empathize with his many causes.

Jimi Hendrix

As the undisputed master of the electric guitar, Jimi Hendrix is a classic rock foundation. The self-taught guitar player refused to be limited by many of the conventional views of guitar players.

Prior to Jimi Hendrix’s development as a guitar player, the electric guitar was considered to merely be a louder version of the acoustic guitar. Hendrix embraced the uniqueness of the electric guitar and showed his appreciation for it to the rest of the world.

Pink Floyd

Easily considered the greatest band of all time, Pink Floyd’s unique style and showmanship defined psychedelic rock. Their concept albums were thematic masterpieces that appealed to countless audiences. The Dark Side Of The Moon, Animals, and The Wall each still stand out today as great Rock masterpieces.

The Who

Also known for their thematic records, The Who pioneered the idea of rock opera. Most famous for their collaborative efforts with every major musical figure of their time, Tommy The Rock Opera ensured the longevity of the band into the future.

Their success and fame were not limited to their unique approach to concept albums. Their musical skills are still highly regarded in both mainstream circles and in the entertainment industry. Their music is currently being used as the theme song for at least three of the most popular show on TV on the air today.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have easily maintained their position as one of the longest lasting bands in recording history. Like most popular rock bands of the age, they were an England-based band that was more than happy to take on America.

Their grungy unkempt image became so popular; many artists are still attempting to master it. Their unique sound and high quality lyrics have kept them at the top of the charts for almost 40 years.


Cream, featuring guitarist Eric Clapton, was one of the most technically advanced music groups of their time. Their instrumental techniques became legendary and paved the way for other bands to focus on developing their instrument techniques, in addition to their lyrics.

The Doors

The Doors have always been one of the most controversial bands that had ever existed. Jim Morrison’s wild behavior set the tone for the countless musical bad boys that would follow in his footsteps.

The poetic lyrics of The Doors, as well as their outrageous behavior, made them a crowd favorite.

Led Zeppelin

The road to heavy metal was paved by Led Zeppelin. Their first album was pivotal in its inclusion of distorted amplification techniques. Over the years, their experimentation included mixing acoustic and electric sounds, with the addition of synthesized melodies. The success of Led Zeppelin helped establish a strong base for the development of metal music.

Few people of their generation or the current generation realize that like Elvis, Led Zeppelin took most of their inspiration from African-American performers. As a lifelong fan of Led Zeppelin, it is was oddly fascinating to listen to some of the not-so-famous African-American rhythm-and-blues performers of the 1930’s, and to be able to hear the Led Zeppelin songs we have loved for years in a whole new way.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, these ten bands had a significant impact on the evolution of Rock-n-Roll music through the generations, but it is more difficult to put them into an ordered list of important groups. Let’s just agree that most of us love all ten bands on this list.

Can Music Therapy Bring Stress Relief

We’re told that in the western world today the majority of people suffer from some degree of stress or other. If this is so, no wonder finding solutions to stress is a growth industry. Thankfully, many of these solutions are highly effective, and none more so than music therapy. Stress relief in both adults and children – even in some pets! – has been greatly enhanced by music therapy.

The beneficial effects of music therapy go way back in folklore and beyond. It’s mentioned in Greek myths, and even in the Bible (when David plays his harp to soothe his troubled king).

Some Facts About Music Therapy

Broadly, music therapy falls into two categories: playing music and listening to music. The latter involves listening to music in order to relieve panic, anxiety or stress – and to help the listeners regain control of their lives.

This is often coupled with meditation, and the listener is encouraged to also use correct breathing techniques and guided imagery. We now know that music affects the deeper reaches of the brain and can radically change hormonal imbalances, thereby promoting healthier moods.

How Does Music Have This Effect?

In the months before birth, a baby is surrounded by warmth and security in the mother’s womb. The most reassuring sound is the mother’s heart beat. Medical experts now claim that when we’re in a relaxed state the regular beat or rhythm of music rekindles feelings first experienced before birth.

Slow music with a soft, regular beat can take us back to this time when we had no worries about work, bills and complex relationships. The music can help us to retreat mentally from these everyday concerns as we bask in the soothing and enveloping sounds!

However, selecting music for therapy – for self or others – can be quite tricky. Instead of promoting stress relief, the wrong kind of music can cause stress. And just because you have a favorite style doesn’t mean it will work for this! For the profound relaxation and stress relief we’re talking about you must select more carefully. (Some people even listen to so-called ‘relaxing music’ they can’t stand – and it does anything but relax them)

Fortunately, professional music therapists can guide us here. They recommend music that has a rhythm of less than 72 beats per minute – that’s slower than the heart beat. If the music goes in cycles or repeating segments, so much the better.

Some of the most effective genres of music are known to be:

* Classical themes

* Celtic rhythms

* Native American

* New Age

As already mentioned, you must bear in mind that different types of music can have different effects:

When you’re lonely and blue, steer clear of weepy country songs!

If you’re stressed and your brain is over-active, hard rock could be the last thing you need. On the other hand, if you’ve had a particularly boring day at the office, heavy metal could be the best music therapy for you – provided you like it, of course!

When you’re facing a challenge and no one else can help, putting on your favorites from the ‘old days’ of your youth can have a very encouraging effect.

Listening to the music of nature – a babbling brook, birds singing or leaves whispering in the breeze – is a great way to induce a stress-relieving relaxed state. And instrumental music like flutes coupled with bass drums can work wonders.

How To Make The Most Of Music Therapy

Try these tips for great music therapy time-out:

* Set aside a minimum of 20 minutes in a place where you won’t be bothered by others

* Sit or lie in a restful state

* Or you may prefer to walk in a restful, quiet environment while listening to your iPod or CD player. This can also combine regular, deep breathing and exercise

* Remember to choose music that suits your particular requirements; you may like to consider music with guided meditations on themes such as self-motivation, stress relief, decision making

* Daily sessions are best, but if this not possible do them as often as you can

Better health, improved relationships, enhanced moods, stress relief: these are only some of the benefits of music therapy. Just watch you don’t become addicted!

5 Reasons You Should Download Music Online

Are you still out there buying CD’s at your local record store ? Disgruntled that you must endure heavy traffic and ever growing mall crowds only to find out the store is out of stock for the CD or album you wanted to purchase ? If that’s you, then keep reading, there are many reasons why you may want to trade in that CD for some more portable type of music.

1. Availability – There are hundreds of music genres available for download online. Some are free, some charge nominal fees for each download. No matter which you choose though, you will have no problem finding the type of music you like to listen to. From hard rock and heavy metal to country and easy listening, you can find it on the web.

2. Portability – Download your favorite songs onto your MP3 player and you can take the music anywhere. To the beach, to the store, everywhere you go, you’ll have all your favorite music with you at the touch of button, just remember the batteries ! The majority of MP3 players offer many ways to listen to music, many have “docks” that you can plugin to making the music available for everyone to listen to, or just use your head set and keep it all personal. You can also play the MP3 files through your computer as well.

3. Affordability – How many times have you purchased a CD for $14.95 only to discover you only liked one or two songs off the entire album ? You’ll never have to waste that money again. Downloading MP3 music online is very affordable. Some sites offer free downloads, and others will charge a small fee for each song, but either way it’s far more affordable than purchasing an entire CD to get one song.

4. Cutting Edge Technology – As more and more people own MP3 players and IPods, more and more artists are using these media types to “pre release” their music, giving sneak peaks at upcoming albums and singles via the internet. You can always get the newest and best music no matter what genre of music it is you listen to and prefer.

4. Manageability – Organizing and keeping track of a large music collection can be a daunting task. Especially when your music collection takes up half a wall in your living room ! With MP3 files, it’s much simpler to keep records of your music and they take up far less space than conventional CDs, cassette tapes, or even vinyl albums.

Take the plunge…start your MP3 music collection today !

Downloadable Music And What Your Options Are

Music is undoubtedly a part of everyones lifestyle. That is why the internet is brimming with websites that offer downloadable music, either for free or with a very minimal charge. Downloadable music usually requires you to download corresponding software where the music will be saved. There are thousands of websites today that offer downloadable music and choosing just one site can be daunting task for you. Here is a brief guide on how to find good downloadable music over the internet.

Downloading tips

BBC has compiled some downloading tips to help you find the best music online:

Research: Before you start clicking away, be sure to do your research and look for the website that provides the most convenient and easy to download software service for your music needs. Make sure that the website also has an extensive music collection so you are kept 100% satisfied.

Compatibility: Make sure that your software supports your mp3 player, so you can easily transfer your music from your computer to your hardware.

Listen first: If you are looking to download music at sites that require you to pay, make sure you check the song quality before buying. Most websites offer a clip sample of the song that allows you to hear short portions of it. Listen to it to check if the quality is good.

Great connection: It is always advisable to have good internet connection for faster downloads, especially a cable or DSL. If not, you might be spending valuable internet hours on just one song.

Check the indie scene: You can discover great music with lots of unsigned artists. Browse the internet for new artists and listen to their song samples.

Music sites

Here are some of the websites and software that offer both free and paid music:

Apple iTunes: Ever since the iPod family became a worldwide hit, iTunes was carried away with all the excitement. What is great about iTunes is that it is a music player that also allows you to download music at a very minimal cost. But iTunes is both a marvel and a frustration at the same time. They have the widest range of music, covering almost all genres, but iTunes is not exactly compatible with all systems. You can purchase a song for just $0.99 each.

Napster: This is considered a pioneer when it comes to offering downloadable music. Napster has constantly and consistently redefined itself for its clients. Napster, which used to offer free music, has now transformed to offer paid music instead. Like iTunes, Napster allows you to purchase tracks for just $0.99 each. More interestingly, though, is that you can also subscribe to its monthly service that allows you to download unlimited tracks to your computer for just $9.95 a month.

Music Match: Like iTunes, Music Match is also a music player that allows you to purchase tracks online. Rates are similar, but Music Match still does not have an exhaustive library as it only has around 800,000 tracks. The Music Match music player can be a bit confusing at the start, but once you get the hang of it it will be smooth sailing. You can also share play lists with other members.

The Music Industry Revolution – Goodbye Bricks And Morter

Mp3 downloads are responsible for probably the biggest change in music buying habits since the invention of vinyl. Whether it will be good or bad for the industry is a matter of some dispute, but it has happened, and a period of adjustment is inevitable whilst the old guard find their feet. Into this turbulent market have entered a number of established brands but also some new brands offering digital music services. The new brands are very much internet based with no High Street footprint. These new Internet based companies are poised to take on the big boys in the brave new world of digital music.

With a philosophy of community spirit and openness, these new brands are trying to connect with consumers in a way that the established major players have not yet managed. This direct connection is crucial, both to consumer and retailer, and this has not changed since the days of physical record purchases. What has changed, however, is the amount of choice available to mp3 purchasers. This is best explained by the theory of: The Long Tail, first theorised by Chris Anderson; to paraphrase, the internet is about selling small amounts of many goods, rather than large amounts of a few goods.

To help customers through this huge amount of independent and often undiscovered content, the new digital music brands are creating a true community network. In conjunction with many well known experts and major players of the industry the philosophy is about getting the consumer involved like never before. Along with handwritten editorial content from some well known music legends, they are planning download-only mp3 albums created by renowned experts and cutting edge tastemakers. This will help guide people through the huge array of music on offer. Personal recommendations from the music industries finest, available at music lovers fingertips will be a massive draw for the new digital Megastore.

Selling to the Long Tail or niche market is where these companies really comes into their own. With a large collection of back catalogue mp3s, some unavailable anywhere else, and Indie labels clamouring to join the online portals, there is music from Every Genre for Every Generation.

A big difference between the online and physical music worlds is the ease with which it is possible to obtain illegal goods. This, as with so much else on the internet, has probably as much to do with the corporate worlds unwillingness to truly embrace the technology as it does with users willingness to thieve. The easy availability of illegal downloads can be turned to the industries advantage, and that is another thing the new breed of digital brands are successfully policing. Where possible the music from these download stores is offered in non-DRM high quality mp3 format, the industry believes that consumers do not like to be treated as criminals from the start. High quality mp3s are worth paying for, and many believe that this will be enough to stem the tide of illegal downloads. Music will also be offered in DRM-enabled WMA format to appeal to the Major labels, as this is a business necessity.

Aiming to mix both massive choice with personal recommendations, the new brands have a mission to bring the experience of the small high street record shop back into the forefront of consumers minds, and maybe bring back the love of hearing and discovering new music all over again.

3 Secrets To Understanding What Music Is Made Of

It’s no secret that virtually everyone loves music in some form or other. After all, it is the universal language, and we all participate in it to some degree from the cradle to the grave. It starts with our Mothers’ lullaby, ends with our funeral song, with a zillion other stops along the way.

But what is music, anyway? What makes it tick? We all love some form of it and dislike other forms of it.

The country-western fan may not like jazz, but he or she sure loves the sound of pickin’ & grinnin’. And the jazz fan feels just the opposite.

And that’s as it should be. If we all liked the same kind of music, there just wouldn’t be the variety that is available to us now. We can choose from musical styles ranging from heavy classical and opera to rock to children’s songs to Broadway musicals to gospel music to the blues.

Each has its place, and each seems on the surface to be drastically different than another form of music. The key word is on the surface.” But beneath the surface of all music is a commonality that is organic to all forms and styles of music.

So what does all music have in common?

At least 3 things sometimes more, but never less:


The melody is the part of a song or composition that you whistle or hum in other words, the tune of the song. In one sense, it is the most visible of the 3 elements, because melody is what identifies a song. Without melody, it would be difficult to even conceive of a song or piece.

In musical notation, the melody is almost always written in the treble clef also known as the treble staff. It consists of a horizontal line of notes that move up and down on the clef as the tune moves higher or lower.

Rhythm is the beat the swing the throb of the music. It happens in repeating patterns, depending upon the type of music. It is like a horizontal line of beats which occur at regular or semi-regular intervals. A waltz, for example, basically consists of a heavy beat followed by two lighter beats. So we say that a waltz is in triple meter one strong beat followed by two weak beats, then repeated.

A march, on the other hand, generally consists of a heavy beat followed by a light beat, then another heavy beat followed by another light beat. (I’m simplifying, of course there are many varieties…) So a march is in duple meter as you might expect since we have two feet and we march in left-right-left-right patterns.

All rhythms are some combination of triple meter and/or duple meter, and the possibilities are endless from boogie to R&B to mambos and sambas and bossa novas and….on and on.

Harmony, the 3rd aspect of music, is the musical background of a song the chords, or intervals behind” the melody. Without harmony, a song sounds empty like a vocalist singing without an accompanist or accapella. Music doesn’t HAVE to have harmony to function, but in actual practice it almost always does, even if it is just the interplay of two melodies, as in counterpoint.

You could spend a lifetime learning all the nuances of music, but it its most basic form, it is these 3 elements combined together; melody, rhythm, and harmony.

4 Tips To Pick An Unlimited Music Downloads Site

Anyone can now head over to an online music service for unlimited music downloads. Owners of iPods, Zunes and other MP3 players are finding it really easy to get music to feed their devices. The beauty of music sites is that it allows you to download songs, soundtracks and music regardless of where you are as long as your computer is connected to the internet.

Free download sites are not the best places to download music online simply because there are many problems associated with the files. Either you are getting corrupted files that your MP3 player like iPod or Zune cannot read or you are pulling viruses and adware onto your PC.

Ok, we are going to discuss about the genuine membership sites that offer you unlimited music downloads. These are the sites that give you complete, unedited full versions of songs, music and soundtracks. You would find the following 4 tips useful in finding the best music site.

1. Price of Lifetime Membership

Many sites nowadays charge you a flat lifetime fee to download music online. Make sure you do not need to pay per download or monthly for these sites. There are competitors that offer unlimited music downloads for less than $40. So do not be conned into paying more.

2. Types of Media Files Available

While you are looking for music MP3s and soundtracks, you would be greeted pleasantly by sites that offer you other media files, even MP4. The better-run download sites now also offer you movies, videos, TV shows like LOST, HEROES and others. You can even find wallpaper and software that comes complete with your membership package without extra charges.

3. Music Genres

Everyone has his or her preference when it comes to different kinds of music. You may want to check out each service to see if they offer you the music genre you are looking for. Chances are if they provide unlimited music downloads, you can get multi-genre selections such as pop, jazz, rap, hip hop, rock and more.

4. Well-Rounded Service

On top of what was mentioned above, you do want to know if the service is setup professionally. By that, it means that their customer and technical support must be competent and available when you need it ie 24/7 if possible. They also need to provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to download music online as well as incorporate high speed downloads.

Indie Music Online

Music imbeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories. If you’re interested in music appreciation, artists and performers, then you are on the right spot we will introduce you to the Wild World Web of music.

Our independent music network provides you Indie Music Online. The word independent is abbreviated as indie. We are Indie Music-oriented content and information website that provides entertainment in the form of online music streaming to music listeners and service to Indie music artist and record companies on behalf of the artists to post information regarding themselves as well as musical content owned and/or created by them.

We have all genres be it Rock / Alternative / Progressive, Pop / Reggae Rock, Rock / Metal, Electro / Ambient, Hip Rock/ Pop / R&B / Soul, the list is endless. Our goal is to find undiscovered musical talent and bring them to our million�s of web visitor’s attention. We have Streaming Radio Station in the form of Upstream Radio to play for our talented artists. Listeners may upload the Upstream Radio Player Software into the temporary storage of their computer and enjoy our Indie Music Radio.

If you are a music listener all you need to do is get registered and you could,
* Create, Edit and Update your own profile.
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If you are an Indie music artist, then get your profile started by registering & you could,
* Post songs, shows, photos, blogs and more.
* Communicate with your fans/listeners.
* Get noticed by industry professionals.
* Meet other artists to tour/play with.

Showcase your taste and help our Indie music station Upstream Radio rocking the best music by rating every band profile you come across it helps you too cause if you don�t like them, they won�t bother you again and in case you do like them and others in our network share your sentiments, we�ll spin them more frequently.

We specialize in the unheard, providing a stage for Indie musicians to scream through their chosen art form and revive Rock N Roll again. You may be of all ages and tastes, get ready for a richer and more luminous experience. Come be a part of the Indie Music revolution.

If you are interested to know more about Indie Music Online, please search our site for more in-depth information and resources.

Top Dvd Music Is The Only Way To Be Happy

How Useful Music Therapy Is?

We feel that music has an insightful effect on our body, soul and psyche and this fact has been justified by the research also. We often listen to music not only for enjoyment or pleasure but also to alleviate our stress. As every person has its own taste for the music, therefore the person listens to the music about which she or he feels comfortable and pleased.

Nobody can get relax if he or she sits down and force him/her to listen to the kind of music which is not liked by them, as this may produce stress to them instead of alleviating it. Music is also called as reliever of stress and momentous mood changer for the people working on every level at once.

The entire energetic system of human beings is extensively influenced by the sounds and their physical bodies respond expressly to certain frequencies and tones. Music is actually providing the positive effect on those who create music or listen to music for themselves. When we listen to music, the level of serotonin inside our body increase and we take a deep breathe soon after we start listening it.

It has also been noted that music effectively reduce the pain while dental procedures or other painful treatments. And many working people love listening music at the background while their work for reducing their stress and for working happily. Music is also found responsible to decrease the heart rate and to increase the temperature of the body that is an indication of the beginning of relaxation and recreation. Many relaxation therapies include music in terms to give more effective result in relaxation therapy rather doing this therapy alone.

Apart from it, another industry is growing rapidly in terms of eradicating stress from the lives of the stressful people, called Music Therapy that only uses music to heal. For the practitioner of music therapy, they are successfully benefiting the patients by using the music to help children with ADD, cancer patients and even hospitals now a days, begin to use music therapy for ward off despair and sadness, to calm patients, promote movement, ease muscle tension, pain management and for several other advantages that music in music therapy be able to convey. You should not become surprised as music powerfully affects the mind and body in effective ways. There are some positive effects of music that includes its effectiveness in music therapy:

Brain Waves: studies have shown that a strong beat music successfully stimulate brainwaves to reverberate in sync with music beat, faster beats brings sharp concentration and make your thinking more alert; slower tempo promotes calm and meditative state to the mind. Music can effectively bring long lasting advantages to the state of mind still after you have stopped listening to it.

Breathing and Heart Rate: the change can be brought by music in the breathing and heart rate and further can be altered by the change in music. Therefore, music therapy helps working against detrimental effects of chronic strain, seriously encouraging not only recreation or entertainment, but also health.
Music effectively helps reducing blood pressure, ease muscle tension and boost immunity and provide stable state of mind to the people. Therefore music has intense physical effects and number of benefits which as an important tool, helps the body to stay healthy and active.

Top 10 Music Hits This Summer

When it comes to pop music, we can say that things are quite predictable: a catchy beat, some lyrics about a heartbreak or about a party and, of course, a video with some sexy girls dancing as naked as possible on the beach – especially since we are talking about summer hits. Yes, that seems to be the recipe of success. But fortunately enough, it seems that this year, there might be some “intruders” on the music scene, meaning debutants with different beats, different lyrics and, luckily, different videos.

Who are these new faces in the music scene? Well, most of them seem to come from the rainy Britain. We all heard (the probably evergreen) Grace Kelly song from new artist Mika. We all heard Lily Allen’s Smile and Rehab from Amy Winehouse.

Well, all these artists seem to promise the top music hits for this summer, so you can count on Mika’s Love Today, on Lily’s Alfie and on Amy’s Back to Black to make it to the top of the charts. Somehow, these artists approach the classiest pop and jazz, which might be surprising, considering today’s R&B must-have trends, but they seem to gain more and more fans. After all, pop music makes the best summer hits.

OK, now let’s think and predict: which artists that we know and love will manage to offer us those hot and spicy summer hits? But in order to establish that, let’s take a look at what the guru says, meaning the Billboard singles chart.

Well, no major surprises, since the chart presents, in top five, Akon, Nelly Furtado and Timberland, Gwen, Fergie with Ludacris and Avril – they are so famous they don’t even need their second names. So you’d better bet that you’ll be dancing on their rhythms all summer long, regardless if those rhythms belong to the songs we already know, as in The Sweet Escape or Glamorous or to their new releases, such as Gwen’ 4 in the Morning, Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry or Justin’s Summer Love.

Well, we might be a little more general and say that whatever Beyonce, Diddy, Shakira, Pussycat Dolls, Justin or Nelly Furtado (just to name a few) release, it will be definitely part of the top 10 summer hits for 2007. Quite a predictable fact, considering the general music trends that innovatively combine R&B with dance and the fact that all these artists have dominated the music charts in the past years.

Oh, and one more thing: if Britney manages to make that super expected and spectacular come back before the hot months, no wonder if all we are going to hear this summer will be a reinvention of Oops, I Did It Again.