Music For Pregnancy- A Medicine For Adverse Emotional Affects On The Infants

A recent study has shown that the moms-to-be who listen to the lullabies, classical music and sounds of nature feel less stressed and have no fear about their pregnancy.

Wondering how it happens? Read on.

It has been believed that when the music tempo is set at 60 to 80 beats per minute, which is just equivalent to the human heart, it helps in reducing the stress and mental pressure which almost every woman feels during her pregnancy.

Music has always been used as a form of therapy to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. Just take your example. It must have happened lots of time with you that music has created a healing environment for you when you are in pain, stress or any fear. And it works same for pregnant woman. Music for pregnancy is a medicine that is taken without water and has no side effects with a 100% guaranteed results!!

And before I jump into the details, I want to share that music for pregnancy as a therapy is being widely discussed these days. Some gynecologist has come up and agreed to the fact that a fetus can receive vibrations during the latter part of the pregnancy. This vibration of music acts as external stimuli and has the power to influence the surroundings of the fetus. So, its 200% true that the baby can hear, feel and enjoy the beats inside the womb!

When the baby hears the soothing sounds of music inside the womb, it reacts, stimulates its ear, brain, body to begin preparation for sound and language comprehension. According to musicologist calm or classic music works best in this. And the most amazing thing you can do is to play the same song after the birth of your baby which you used to play in your third trimester of pregnancy to see your baby dancing on it!! Grin!!

The best music for pregnancy could be classical music or especially Mozart. Mozart, sonata is very mathematical in nature which can help to stimulate the brain of adults as well as infants at the time they are in their mother�s womb. Aside this, music also helps the moms to-be to connect with their child and make a strong bond before their birth!!

To add a little more information, Music has also worked wonders for the children with special cases as well. Music therapy for children can be adapted to suit the needs of nearly every child so that they can benefit in some way from music and help restore harmony and balance to their life.

Just to know, music therapy for children is a form of intervention which is used for children who have a problem with processing some information which has hindered their learning. It is an expressive therapy and is both an art and a science. Using music as a therapy goes back centuries where music was used as a form of healing. Even in biblical times, there is a record of music being used to rid evil!

Fitness Equipment at Home Beats Fitness Exercise in the Gym

I prefer fitness exercise at home compared to the gym. Fitness equipment that can be stored and used as and when I like, exercise equipment that doe not care if I have a stain on my top or what the latest must have gym accessory is.

The gym may have the latest awe-inspiring fitness equipment that you could only dream of owning which could be quite inspiring to help motivate the fitness exercise routine. This may also add a bit of glamour and disassociation from the exercise equipment and calorie burning. The actual act of going to the gym may also have some preconceived fitness exercise motivational factors including the choice of fitness equipment to use. You can try different exercise equipment machines to add variety to your fitness exercise routine.

The gym and its exercise equipment do have some major appeal points but the time it takes getting ready and travelling to the gym is the time it would take to put on my fitness equipment glad rags, complete my fitness exercise routine and be having a shower thinking about the rest of the day ahead. You still need fitness exercise motivation, and maybe more discipline at home but after a short while the exercise equipment and fitness exercise become a natural positive part of your everyday life. Even the site of the fitness equipment becomes a conditioned response to the positive well-being.

Everybody has his or her own personality, lifestyle and fitness equipment needs. We also have different fitness exercise variations and goals. Some people prefer the gym whilst others prefer home exercise equipment use. There is no right way for everyone. Some people need special assistance and fitness exercise help with the fitness equipment whilst others are competent finding their own training resources and know the exercise equipment needed. Some people do not have much of a problem with fitness exercise motivation whilst other’s need more support. Some people feel the need to use the top end fitness equipment in the gym whilst others can find the motivation in the actual fitness exercise routine.

In an ideal world we would purchase the top end high-tech Gym exercise equipment for home use (might have to remortgage the house to buy it) and invite our friends around for a fitness exercise party! In reality, we either go to the gym or invest in the best high-tech fitness equipment that we can possibly afford. can help you in your Fitness Equipment choice but if you are unsure of your fitness exercise capabilities, please see your GP/qualified fitness trainer. Compare prices on home Fitness Equipment, Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Exercise Bikes, Cross Trainers, Weights, Gym Equipment and much more.

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How To Market Your Band’s Music And Cd To Make Money

As a musician, bands have it easier than a solo artist in terms of cost to make a CD. Other than that, there are little or no differences. For bands/artists who wish to start the process of making, distributing, and getting radio airplay by themselves, believe it or not, you are starting your own record label. Even if your goal is to land a major recording contract, you will still need to gather more attention for your music by cutting, distributing and promoting your own music. You’ll have a much better chance at getting a great record deal with a major label if you are successful on your own first. You may even find out that initially you can even be more financially successful on your own than if you had a record deal.

In my book, The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money, I discuss how MC Hammer started out by himself. He knew the bottom line and how much he made working his record in dance clubs. When a record company approached and wanted to sign him, he initially said no. Face it, if we were offered a deal like that or any deal, most of us would be rendered speechless and simply nod our heads to say yes.” After all, that’s the musician’s dream, right? Why did he say no? Because he knew and understood his business model. MC knew how much he made on his own, and he knew he could make a lot more money on his own than they initially offered. Eventually the record label had to meet him on his terms. They offered him a much better deal in the end.

So, how do you do what MC Hammer did? Marketing, Marketing, Marketing and it’s not all dependent on having your own label or producing your own music. In my book, The Ultimate Guide to Music Success” there’s a chapter of do’s and don’ts for those of you who aren’t interested in creating your own record label and promoting a CD yourself. It will show you the correct ways to send a demo and get heard by the A&R staff of major-labels. It also includes a truck load of fresh contacts, email addresses, phone numbers and web sites to help you on this journey.

If you are one of the lucky few and have a lot of contacts and a lot of extra money, your path will be much easier, but still not guaranteed. If you are like the rest of us, you have a limited budget, fewer contacts, and even less time to spare. What do you do?

First you need to spend some money no matter how limited your funds are. There’s no way around that. You must also spend some time to start your business up and make your CD (a budget guide is also available in my book).

It’s the same with contacts. You have to put yourself out there and network. You need to spend a lot of very early mornings and very late nights initially surfing the internet for information on how to find and meet the people you need to help you on your path. You will also need to attend various functions and music gatherings where the music makers meet. Remember it’s a see and be seen world. Join your local version of the BAMM or WAMI association. These are local clubs where musicians meet on a regular basis. Many important local musicians will be members and might be there to network with. Most every major city will have some sort of club like this.

The next step is marketing. Collect all of the write-ups on yourself and your band and put them into a folder. Then based on those, you’ll need to write a one-sheet up and pass it out to the people you meet at the parties. (A one-sheet is a one page marketing tool that emphasis the important aspects of your band/act.) If writing is not your gig, find someone who writes professional one-sheets or bios on a regular basis.

Once you have those marketing tools in hand, start making appointments to audition for local clubs. Take every gig that is offered to you initially, whether you are paid for it or not, and make sure to get the most press out of that gig. If you do get paying gigs when you first start out, great! Make sure you have a contract in your hands that is signed by the person who will be paying you. In case there is a dispute, and they do arise, you have a contract spelling out whether or not you were going to be paid and how much. Although it would be nice if everyone could work on faith and trust, make sure you get your contracts written, signed and in place.

Before you sign any contracts, make sure you get a reputable entertainment attorney to look it over. NEVER sign a contract before you have followed that step. You could lose the shirt off your back and much more!

What’s next? Work it baby! Work it! This is not the time to be shy and bashful about your career. You have to grab onto every single opportunity and use it to your advantage. Unabashed marketing is what you need to do…so go for it! Just do it! No is just a word in the dictionary. It may hurt for a minute, but it’s the people that can take the no” 50 thousand times that will get the prize in the end.

Something I recommend is to take a few courses at your local community college on Business Management and Accounting. This will help you immensely when it comes to watching your money and the bottom line. Whether you’re producing your own label and watching every penny or whether you’ve signed with a major label, you still need good accounting skills or a good accountant you can trust. With or without an accountant, it’s just good business to look at your books daily. Oprah is notorious for this and look where she is! No-one will care about your money or your success like you do.

Why use the Air Climber Fitness Stepper

For all of us who are interested in exercise, fitness and generally staying healthy, one of the most popular pieces of home-use fitness equipment available today is the Air Climber Fitness Stepper. The Air Climber is a unique equipment that gives you manifold advantages. It allows you to tone your body and important muscles of the body and can give you effective cardio workouts as well. The Air Climber has, since its launch, gained a lot of popularity, thanks to its portability, its benefits and its efficacy.
What is the stepper?
The Air Climber Fitness Stepper is a home-use exercise equipment that is an easy way to tone the important muscles of your body such as your thighs, legs, calves, arms, triceps, biceps, shoulders, midriff, hips, buttocks and abs. Because it is a light-weight equipment and it is portable, you can carry it anywhere and everywhere you like to, even when you are on a business trip or are just vacationing somewhere. It offers not just gym-like workouts but is a symbol of style, sophistication and convenience.
How does it work?
The Air Climber Stepper uses a unique technology called the Air Power Technology (APT), which uses the power of air to create resistance for your workouts. The climber comprises two inflatable bellows, which are attached to pedals and a platform which contains a resistance setting knob. When you step on one pedal, that bellow is pressed down and the air pushes into the next bellow, which gets inflated. This process repeats when you step on and down on the pedals. Depending upon the resistance levels set by you, the power you need to exert for pushing the bellow increases/decreases. This way, you put pressure through your legs and your body and get to perform a number of unique intensive exercises. The technology allows the movement of your stepping to be smooth, ensuring that your knees, joints or muscles do not get extra pressure and that they do not get hurt. Also, the stepper comes with detachable cords that can be used for upper body exercises, an instructional DVD to guide you about the correct usage and about different exercises you can do and an instructional manual for quick reference.
Benefits of the Stepper
The stepper gives you a number of benefits including body toning and cardio. Firstly, it is much more effective and easy than your conventional gym equipment; secondly, it is much more fun to workout on the stepper, you do not get bored or frustrated; thirdly, you don’t have to put-in much effort when you are exercising on the fitness stepper. Another advantage is that the Air Climber is a new and a unique way to exercise. It is much cost effective than other conventional and new home-use equipment.
Looking at all the advantages that the fitness stepper gives you, it is clear that the stepper indeed is a great way to workout and it does give you a number of benefits including body toning, aerobic exercises, cardio and ultimately can help you lose weight if you use it regularly. Above everything else, working out on a stepper is fun and enjoyable.

Music College That Offers Singing And Instrumental Classes

Those people who have keen interest in music choose music career as it fulfils their inner needs and pays off good in return. There are plenty of young students, who always in search of good music schools over the internet. Advents of new technology and advanced music instrument has made this career more exciting and attractive. Good music education can help those students who want to become singer, instrument player, music composer, etc. There are many easy ways to learn music instruments and singing; however, in self teach, there always be lack of professional approach. Therefore, it is necessary to join music college to have professional career in music.

After entering the music classes, most of the students prefer instrument like drum and guitar as most of the students come with the approach to start their own band. Playing these instruments is perfectly not so easy, as it requires lots of hard work and dedication. Music career can be rewarding, if students fully dedicate themselves towards the music. There are several examples of music icons who are leading luxurious life due to their music career. However, one should not forget that they do lots of hard work on their talent to remain in competition. While taking admission in one of the best music schools, it is important that student at least have some knowledge about music with little experience. It would benefit students while taking admission if they have prior experience of instrument and singing classes.

At music schools students get chance to augment their skills and ability to perform without any assistance. For a successful music career, it is important for a person attending a music school or college. Enrolling in a music school is beneficial for students as they get chance to learn music professionally from experts. A student can initially start with other activities in music school if he does not want to pick instrument at first. Apart from that, a student must look for music schools that cater to their requirements. For instance, if a student want to pianno lessons than he should go for the college or school, which is specialised in piano. It is always good to go with the college that have professional music instructors with years of experience in the same field. Selecting the right colleges is not that tough, as ample of information is available through internet for choosing the right music school or college.

The syllabus of the music school comprises classes related to different types of instruments such as Guitar, Piano, Violin, and Flute. The lessons of all these instruments are detailed and guide students to learn the instrument in the perfect manner. Whether a person�s choice is to get guitar lesson or piano lesson, he will get proper attention of the teachers and guide to learn his lesson in a proper manner. When it comes to drama and communication course, the syllabus include speech and drama, public speaking, effective communication, choral verse speaking, solo acting, duologue�s, group drama, etc. By attending the drama schools, a student can try to create a successful career in the field of acting

Professional Music Video Production

With the eye-catching video panorama, music is the soul of any professional video production. Music is a most considerable constituent in this productive progression and plays a significant role in the popularity of any video. Whether you have producing a business video, advertisement, product promotional video, marketable video, short time movies, factual movie, TV program, Internet advertisement productions or anything like that, choosing appropriate and efficient music is a another key to the success of your Music video productions.
Music can be added to a video in different forms like foreground music, background music, soft music, rap music and so on. The type of music you are going to give in your video will purely vary with the theme of video production, like if you are creating a business promotional video then music should be related to the business. Make sure your music is soothing to the ears of listeners you can also add some kind of innovations into it according to the current music trends.
Today is a world of inventions and innovations, if you are looking to find a perfect music track for your video then practice hard and come to the best music selections for your project. To reach at best solutions it�s good if you select at least ten different music alternatives for your music video productions, and decide on any one of them which goes well with your videos. Make sure music and videos are proportional to each other and has a kind of combination which reflects your intention behind video productions. Music videos if organized with full planning can leave an eternal imprint on the viewers, but the point is your video must have freshness, imagination and originality to draw the attention of visitors.
The best way to judge on a particular video production service company is to have a look at their previous coursework�s videos, photographs etc, you will get an idea about their works. You can also check out the previous customer�s feedback details given in their website as majority of companies spherically retain the column of feedback so to increase their goodwill in the market.
If you want to shoot an eye-catching video of your company to magnetize the probable customers to your product then video productions is one of the most influential medium which can do wonders in the sales of your products. You just need to find out an appropriate video production company at your end who can understand your business needs and act like a catalyst for your company�s production graph.
Keep in mind that imagination has no limits, what you need to do at your part is research and scrutiny as much as you can. No music company is better or inferior but the quality of music video productions makes it so. If you are passionate for your work then no one can stop you from reaching at your goal. In music video productions innovations and creativity is always admired so you can take hundreds ideas from different professional video production companies but when it comes to actual creation set yourself apart from others. Make sure your video doesn�t possess all the things which viewers have already seen in the previous music videos try to keep it unique and exclusive.

How To Find Jobs In Music

Have you always dreamed about working with music, but weren’t sure where to look for jobs in music and the music industry? The good news is that there are a lot more jobs in music than most people think. Performing positions include working with a studio band, playing with an orchestra and playing with a band at weddings, dances and local clubs. Outside performing, there are many other jobs in music that help support musicians from education through selling their music. The bad news is that those jobs in music are a little harder to find than most jobs. If you’re hoping to score yourself one of those jobs in music here are some hints and tips to help you along.

1. Yes, you’ll find some jobs in music in the newspaper ads.

Look under Professional in the Sunday job listings for the best luck, but ads for companies hiring in the music business are few and far between. You’ll have far better luck if you subscribe to some of the industry’s professional papers and magazines. If you’re looking for a job teaching music, for instance, regularly check the job listings in papers aimed at teachers and education professionals.

2. Internet job search sites are a good place to find jobs in music…

…but skip the big name sites. tend to attract hordes of applicants – which the music companies have already. One difference is music teaching and music therapy jobs. If you’re looking for jobs in music therapy or education, the big boards are likely to have far more job leads for you than they will for performers. The same holds true for those seeking jobs in accounting, management or advertising within the music industry.

3. Do some research and approach the companies where you’d like to work directly.

It takes a lot of nerve, but then, that’s what this business is all about, isn’t it? If you’re serious about finding jobs in music production, performance or promotion, you need to show the hiring agents you have what it takes. If you can’t promote yourself, why would they think you can promote someone else? Get out there and do your research to find record labels, production companies and indie companies that you’d like to work with, and then get your resume out into the hands of the people who make the hiring decisions.

4. For teaching and education jobs, approach school departments directly.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in music education are going to be one of the fastest growing segments of the music industry through 2014. If your ambition is to teach music, organize a school band or head up a school orchestra, the direct approach is the best. Research school departments to find out which are (or may be) hiring, and find out the names of the people who make the decisions on hiring music professionals for the schools. Try to make personal contact before sending your resume so that when your resume arrives on the desk, they’ll already be looking for it.

5. Networking is the one strategy that always works.

Especially in jobs in music promotion and production, where your value lies in how well you can network to get the word out about the bands that you’re promoting. Join local professional associations, hook up with agents and performers and get to know the movers and shakers in your local music scene. That’s the best way to get your foot in the door.

6. Take advantage of school resources.

If you’re in school, take advantage of school resources to get placements as an intern with a radio station, production company or other media company. On the job experience is invaluable in music jobs.

7. Be persistent.

The music industry is volatile and ever changing. The company that isn’t hiring today could be looking for five new publicists tomorrow. Keep on top of job openings in the music industry by checking back on directory and job listings often.

Gym Fitness Equipment for Health – Multi Station Machine

Visiting Gym is now established as a fashion now a day. Many people are understanding the importance of daily exercises have made gym an important place for them to maintain their shape and body health. Gym is equipped with many advanced equipments which are providing best fitness exercises to users. Gym equipments availability and usage is so easy that if one has budget and space to occupy home gym equipment must purchase for home. One must know the importance of such gym equipments which are illustrated here. Trampoline is an effective form of Aerobic Exercise which improves cardio-vascular system, heart, lungs and blood vessels due to better utilization of oxygen. Workout bench, abdominal bench, power cage, smith machine and multi station machine are considered as best workout and fitness equipments for exercise. A Barbell is a piece of gym equipment used in weight lifting or power lifting. Barbells range in length from 4 feet to 7 feet. Disc weights (plates) are solid onto the outer portions of the bar to obtain the desired total weight. There are main two types of barbells. One is Olympic barbells known as weightlifting barbell consist of a bar in which the sleeves rotate and a standard barbell is 28-32mm thick all the way along except the wider rings delimiting the end sections. It is a single solid piece of metal without rotating parts. There is no standard length of weight.

A dumbbell is the fitness equipment used in weight training and type of free weight can be used single or in pairs. There are various types of dumbbells available in market like adjustable dumbbells, fixed-weight dumbbells and selectorized dumbbells. Olympic Weight plates are used in gym and standard weight plates are used in home gym. These weight plates get attached to barbells or weight machines to build your muscle strength. There are many features of Olympic weight plates and standard weight plates like basic material used, size, bumper, handles and lifting are some key features for selecting weight plates. Kettlebell is a cast iron used for fitness exercised combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility. Kettlebells sizes vary from 4 pounds to 173 pounds. It’s looks similar to dumbbells but used in ballistic and swinging movements exercises. It’s used particularly for lower back, legs, and shoulders increasing grip strength. Kettlebell is used for basic movements such as the swing, snatch, and clean and jerk engaging entire body at once.

Medicine ball is also recognized as exercise ball, med ball or fitness ball is a weighted ball frequently used for rehabilitation and strength training serves as sports medicine. Medicine balls are normally sold in weights like 7kg – 10kg. Medicine ball can use as traditional training for fitness by boxing professionals to improve the strength of abdominal muscles. Dropped ball on abdomen of the boxer stimulating a punch coming from an opponent. In another gym exercise one user hold the ball against his chest and thrust it at another user who catches it against his chest which strengthens arm, chest and leg muscles. There are so many other fitness equipments are there in gym, where you can get trained by fitness trainer and keep yourself fit.

World Fitness is an Australian based online store of fitness equipment that provides gym equipment,weight loss gym equipments, equipments for cardio, strength training equipment including treadmill, bench, kettlebell, classic kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, multistation home gym and many more. SEO services provided by Jigney Bhachech.

Instrumental Music Tunes To Dance

Music is considered to be good for every individual and of course at times of depression, music plays a great role in pacifying the people to a great extent and when it comes to learning music, the music lovers are having plenty of opportunities to learn music in one or another form. Some people are interested in singing songs and there are of course a lot of music cultures which are prevalent in many countries and it can be a Hindustani music, Carnatic music or Western etc., When talking about instrumental music, the music lovers can play the tunes in various types of instruments and during the course of earlier music concerts, all instrument players used to display their skills and nowadays on account of information technology, things are getting into new shapes and specific software is available through which rap beats can be played for any instrument and the learner is finding it very easy to bring out the best in lesser number of days.

Music is considered to be good for every individual and of course at times of depression, music plays a great role in pacifying the people to a great extent and when it comes to learning music, the music lovers are having plenty of opportunities to learn music in one or another form. Some people are interested in singing songs and there are of course a lot of music cultures which are prevalent in many countries and it can be a Hindustani music, Carnatic music or Western etc., When talking about instrumental music, the music lovers can play the tunes in various types of instruments and during the course of earlier music concerts, all instrument players used to display their skills and nowadays on account of information technology, things are getting into new shapes and specific software is available through which rap beats can be played for any instrument and the learner is finding it very easy to bring out the best in lesser number of days.

Of course learning music using instruments is not a toughest job and like any other field, it also depends upon the inquisitiveness evinced by the people and a person who is able to put more efforts can become the best music instrumental player at the earliest.

Through the use of software, the learners can learn playing music for instruments like guitar, violin, flute, drums, saxophone and many more. In fact, the outcome is at par with the original music scored from the instrument. Nowadays, during any music orchestra, the entire music composing is done using minimum players since sophisticated instruments like key boards are available using upon which all types of tunes can be brought into life easily; however, the learner should evince interest in bringing out the results and this is possible through sustained efforts and hard work.
In order to bring the best quality rap beats, the learner needs to improve his intellectual skills comprising of creativity, common sense, critical thinking and concentration. Unless he is creative he cannot employ new tunes and skills into his work.

Apart from the above he needs to accept the work as a challenging one and the continuous learning at least for two to three hours will enable him to become the best music scorer at the earliest possible time. A person who wants to bring quality results through instrumental music should have commitment, confidence and eventually should be more courageous in continuing the exercise till such time he succeeds in bringing the desired results.

Setting Up Your Own Home Gym With Fitness Equipment of Your Choice

What comes to your mind when you think about getting into shape and becoming fit? The first thing that comes to the minds of most people in this context would be joining a gym with good deals. While this isn’t necessarily a bad choice, working out would be easier and more convenient if you had your own personal gym at home. Of course you will have to purchase more than one type of fitness equipment so you might as well go with the choice of interest free fitness equipment to save money.

Having a personal gym at home is a wise decision because you won’t have to expend money on travelling or creating membership and you can work out practically any time as per your wish. When it comes to home gym, you need to get the best fitness equipment to help you achieve desirable results. However this comes with a huge price tag and for people who are on a tight budget there is always the interest free fitness equipment offer. This allows the consumers to buy gym equipment of their choice by paying a small initial deposit. After this, they can pay the remaining balance in installments sans interest.

An interest free fitness equipment may sound too good to be true but it is very much legitimate. There are certain online fitness equipment dealers as well as brick-and-mortar stores who are willing to provide this kind of useful finance option to their customers. The best thing about going for this kind of offer is that one does not have to pay interest at all. A common misconception is that this kind of finance option is hard to obtain due to slow approval and invasive questions. This couldn’t be farther from the truth because it is exactly the opposite.

If you aren’t interested in body-building but you simply want to slim down and look toned then you should get at least one CV fitness equipment. CV stands for cardiovascular and this kind of machine would be able to train your heart rate to promote fat loss. Using these machines would enable you to improve your general fitness. Examples of CV machines would be an elliptical machine, treadmill and rowing machines. You can get these with interest free fitness equipment options as well.

Using indoor fitness equipment as well as staying active will be able to help you improve your health drastically and lead a better life. We must lead a healthy lifestyle in order to keep our mind, body and soul in balance. Time and money are two of the biggest concerns that get in the way of people achieving their fitness goals. One can overcome the problem of money in case of purchasing gym equipment with the help of interest free fitness equipment offers. However, as far as the problem of lack of time is concerned, one will have to squeeze out some time in order to use one’s personal gym on a regular basis.

Having one machine simply wouldn’t do for a home gym. The five main fitness equipment or staples of a home gym are treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, steppers and rowing machines. These are a must-have because using a combination of exercise regimes with all these machines would be able to help you slim down, tone your body and keep you fit easily. Hence you must get obtain these, which shouldn’t be much of a problem thanks to the choice of being able to purchase interest free fitness equipment.

In this contemporary era, keeping fit has indeed become a fad and acquiring fitness equipment is the first step towards achieving this goal. This task has been further rendered attractive by presence of interest free fitness equipment which holds the promise of good bargains without compromising on quality.